Jordan, Israel, Egypt

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“One of the best trips yet.”


Lizlyn L.

Traveling with Pastor Asumen is an enriching and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend booking a trip with him. He creates itineraries of various, beautiful destinations that few get to experience in a cost-effective overall tour package pricing without compromising the quality of the lodging, amenities, and accommodations. Not to mention the spiritual enhancement you will experience on select tours if you’re into history and spiritual ties to Biblical sites. You are sure to come back satisfied from your travels as you reflect on the memories made with fellow peers that enjoy seeing the world just as much as you.


Patrick A.

“Exploring the Holy Land on this tour was a spiritually enriching journey & I highly recommend to fellow travelers seeking a deeper connection with this sacred destination.”


Jessica Hawkins

“My Reformation I tour was an enlightening adventure, blending fascinating insights with a warm and inviting atmosphere. A must see!


Sean West

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